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Get A Latte More Done: How Coffee Amplifies Productivity

Almost half of all American workers claim to have less productivity without daily caffeine (mostly in coffee form). But does it really amount to improved performance?

Caffeine effectiveness depends on many factors, like age, weight, and tolerance. With caffeine, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. And on the inside is a chemical called adenosine.

Regardless of age or weight, adenosine is the chemical that builds up during the day. It makes the body sleepy by the end of the evening. Caffeine simply inhibits the body’s absorption of this adenosine, causing us to stay alert for longer.

Therefore, caffeine is not doing the stimulating. It’s the inhibition of adenosine that causes the body to stay energized.

Increased clarity, improved alertness, and better focus are a few ways consuming caffeine fuels us at work. It also boosts creativity by ramping up energy levels in the brain. This lends to the brain being able to learn faster and improve retention.

However, caffeine will have a considerable effect when consumed in high doses or without a tolerance. When consumed in excess, we may become shaky, scatterbrained, and sick. For best results, get adequate rest and don’t rely on caffeine to get through the day.

For more of a molecular/scientific approach, read Drake Baer’s Business Insider article about the Science of Caffeinated Productivity.