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About Price Increases for 2023

Dear Customer,

We survived the last few years of COVID and skyrocketing inflation! Diesel’s rise, and California mandated wage levels have been primary cost drivers. We had to respond strongly in 2022, making 2023 price adjustments modest. We believe it’s better to do small increases as we go than avoid it for years, ending with something huge.

Our 2023 pricing will adjust nominally. 3 packs will go up $2. 5 packs $3 (60 cents a bottle) and most larger packs and customers will average about 50 cents a bottle. For customers buying by the bottle, those using Purified will see a 50-75 cent movement. Anyone at $8 or above for purified will remain there.

DI and Perfect 10 will see similar nudges, all below inflation rate. The fuel fee of $3, which looked destined to double last summer, will go to $4, a fraction of the $10-$12 of Nestle and Sparkletts. Top loading coolers will move to $11, $15 for bottom loaders. If you have one, your price will not change. Only if you order a new one or replacement. RO and filtered pricing remain the same. Biggest price increases will be in the cream, cocoa, sugar and cup areas of coffee service. They reflect large company suppliers and the affect inflation has had on them. That’s on an item by item basis.

In this inflationary time, we are taking measures to arrest costs. One is migrating all home customers to ACH or debit card payments and requiring previous balances be cleared before next delivery.

Alternately, people can deposit funds to pay in advance. The cost of collecting $20 or $30 from 2,000 different customers is more than funds collected. Our competitors are on auto payment as well. Cable TV, trash, Electric etc. all are. Need to keep balance clean, and if someone doesn’t have funds, we can skip till the next time. This is beginning 1/1/23. Our aim is to keep things simple, clean and affordable. By doing so, we avoid misunderstandings and keep deliveries consistent. You can register or sign up for the CC, Debit or ACH at www.masterscoffeeandwater.com Click on “Pay my bill”. Feel free to contact us below for help. We appreciate the continued opportunity to serve you in these challenging times and look forward to 2023.

Teresa Almlie

Trinity Cabriales

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