About Our Water Bottle Delivery Service

How often do we deliver bottled water?

We run on 2 week cycles. 2, 4, 6, 8 weeks. Most of our customers are on 4 week cycles, and our packages we quote online are based on a 4 week cycle.

What happens once I signup for my Bottled Water Delivery Service?

Once a customer signs up online, we will call for your credit or debit card info. If you are a business, we will set up billing. We do NOT ask for credit or debit card info online. At that point we will ask for any details you’d like to share about your water bottle delivery service needs. For example, sometimes people want us to put bottles in the garage, behind a bush, over a wall. You’d be surprised.

At the same time, our shop will begin preparing your cooler, testing it for a day or two while we schedule a delivery. If we have a driver in your area within a day or two, we will assign the water cooler to the route. If not, an install person or “tech” will schedule the water bottle and water cooler delivery for 2-3 days out. Those days are spent testing your cooler. Even new coolers occasionally have glitches. We would rather those occur in our warehouse than in your business or home.

Water Bottle Delivery Service cooler

What if you already own a water cooler?

A question we often get is “I own my own cooler, will you do water bottle delivery service to my house or business? YES! We love people who buy their own coolers! We would rather sell you water than be in the cooler maintenance business, so THANK you! We simply turn your $21.99 3 pack into a 4 pack. Your $28.99 5 pack into a 6 pack and so on.

Water Bottle Delivery Service cooler

Our Bottom Loading Water Coolers:

Our most popular cooler at the moment is our bottom loading cooler. It is a 3 temp (hot, room, cold) cooler, has a child safety feature on the hot button, and is very attractive. It is available for only 20 cents more a day, or $6 a month. Aesthetically pleasing, it saves one’s back from lifting a 45 lb bottle above the waist. Any of us with back issues welcome this cooler.

bottom loading water cooler

Our Water Bottle Delivery Trucks:

Our trucks are unique. Our latest is an 8 Bay, 17 ton Hino truck with a maximum carrying capacity of 240, 5 gallon water bottles. We usually carry about 180 water bottles and we use the other bays for cups and coffee products, so we can fill any water and coffee order you may have.

About our water bottle delivery packages:

Order as many water bottles as you need

5 gallon water bottles

The 3 Pack

For our basic home water bottle delivery service package, what we call a “3 pack”, we use a room temp and cold (2 spout) cooler. White is standard cooler color. Black is the trendy cooler option.

We will call the day before, swing by every 4 weeks, replace your bottles with up to 3 full 5 gallon bottles. No delivery charges. No cooler rental, no billing fee. We will simply charge your credit or debit card we have on file for 21.99 unless you choose to pay when we deliver. We take cash, check and most credit cards.

water cooler

The 5 Pack

“5 packs” (5 bottles, cooler, delivery, taxes, fees included) run $28.99 for homes or businesses. These coolers are black hot and cold (two spouts) coolers. We can include cup holders will be on your menu. Other elements of the delivery are as above. Need us there every two weeks? Just sign up for a 5 pack to be delivered bi weekly? Otherwise count on that rate every 4 weeks.

Water Bottle Delivery Service truck

10, 15, and even 20 Packs

If you use more, we have 5, 10, 15 and even 20 packs! For businesses, we drop off an invoice at the time of delivery, and you have 15-30 days to pay. We also often have credit cards on file from businesses.

Many businesses need a water bottle delivery service that provides multiple coolers. Our 15 pack includes two hot and cold coolers. Our 20 pack includes 3.

water bottle delivery price chart

What if my water usage volume goes up and down substantially in my business?

Question: I use 100 bottles one month and when it warms up, I use 150. The packs don’t seem to work for me. Will you do water bottle delivery service for me by the bottle?

Answer: YES. For large locations whose volume varies like this, we would quote you a price that would include free coolers, free delivery, no energy charges, no billing fees, and a great rate per bottle. We want to be your water bottle delivery service.

Water Bottle Delivery Service truck

Meet our water bottle delivery service drivers:

Eddie Cruz

Eddie Cruz

Delivery Driver

Eddie Cruz delivers to the Upper Desert; Apple Valley, Hesperia, Victorville, Lancaster, and Palmdale are all Eddie’s territory. Eddie was our Christmas present, joining us in December of 2016, but he has been met with rave reviews. His attitude is unfailingly positive, support and energetic.

Vittorio Santos

Vittorio Santos

Delivery Driver

Vittorio Santos handles the Inland Empire and Riverside County areas. Vittorio has worked for Master’s Coffee and Water since 2005. People love that he is very calm and reliable.