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Purified Water

The Bottle-less Option Economical, attractive, affordable. Environmentally friendly water purifiers. Our “green” cooler is black. Oh so sleek. Use the latest technology. Use filtered, bottle-less water purifier coolers from Master’s Coffee and Water Service. Combine the financial backing and competitive programs of Master’s Services with our trained, experienced personnel (our staff averages 13 years experience) and you get security; quality assured. Add a sprinkle of the most attractive water delivery systems on the market and the choice is as clear as the water we serve: Master’s Coffee and Water Service should be serving YOUR business tomorrow. So click us or call us today. Want to see what we mean? Want to talk to someone about starting service? Our sales manager, Steve (steve@slurpcity.com) at 760-244-5073 X704 would be glad to help. Can the big green or red guys say that? We don’t kid around, we are here for you! We’re small, we’re local, and we’re committed to you.

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table top water purifier
The choice is simple when you look at the differences between old and new technologies. Worried about safety, economy, convenience? Do the comparison yourself. Please click the button and open the Adobe document below. It is our 30-point checklist. Trained service technicians perform these services on your cooler, record the info and have your sign off on their work. We have seen no one else in the industry provide such a thing. Was on the green truck company site the other day and the message was essentially don’t concern yourself about water, you’re not the expert. We are and we’ll handle it. Fine, we are too, but we at least want to show what we are doing for your hard earned money.

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  • A modern, cost-effective, closed system.
  • Continuous supply of purified drinking water.
  • No risk, no hassle, no bottles.
  • Convenient billing schedule.
  • Superior service by trained personnel.
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Own Your Own?

Many people own systems. Do you know how long since yours was serviced? Or if the water is even pure? Are your filters running 100%? Call Master’s Coffee and Water Service and let us maintain your unit. We will sanitize, change filters and run our 30-point inspection on your water system. You’ve invested money in a quality filtration system.

Maintain your investment

For $95, we will: clean, sanitize, test your water quality in, and water quality out. Replace sediment and carbon filters. Perform our 30point inspection and leave you a copy. If you have a micro filtration system we will service you annually, or on your chosen schedule. Reverse Osmosis systems owners: every 9 months or on your chosen schedule. When reverse osmosis membranes go bad, replacement cost will be $60 (not including in the $95 quoted price)


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