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From crop to cup, our coffee travels thousands of miles

Did you know that Hawaii is the only place in the USA where coffee can be grown?

This is because the perfect conditions lie within ~20 degrees north and south of the equator. This area is Earth’s most warm and humid, providing an ideal environment for coffee plants to flourish. This central area includes more than 50 countries.

How does the coffee get from these exotic countries to the USA, and into your cup? Coffee sourcing is a world – and a profession – all its own. There are several coffee experts with careers in coffee sourcing and quality control – this involves flying around the world in search of the best coffees, and observing the production and preparation methods of various farms. They’ll watch how the farmers care for the crops, how they pick and dry the coffee beans, and finally will perform the ultimate quality assurance: tasting the delicious coffees!

A flavor profile all its own

One of the most interesting parts of different coffee-yielding countries is that each country has a coffee flavor profile all its own.

While taste is ultimately subjective, there are factors that allow coffees from the same country to taste similar, one of the biggest being processing methods. For example, Ethiopia is known for having exceptionally sweet and fruity coffees, while Costa Rica usually yields more of a smooth, balanced cup. As a contrast, Sumatran coffee has flavors known as “earthy and natural.” Sumatra yields rich, dark coffees, which is why it’s used for Starbucks’ house blend, as well as a base for espresso drinks in many other shops.

One of the most popular coffee regions is Colombia – this is the origin of most coffee you can pick up at the grocery store, and for a good reason. These coffees have one of the most balanced flavors, comprised of a mellow acidity and a semi-sweet flavor that’s not overpowering.

You’re in for a treat! Click here to see one of our Colombian coffees you can add to your next order.

Next time you place an order, try a coffee from a country you’ve never experienced before! You may just discover something you didn’t know you liked.

Over to you:
Have you had the chance to try coffee from more than one country? If so, was the flavor distinct and what did you like about it?

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