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Master’s Is A Perfect 10: Our Alkaline Water Shows Why

Our Perfect10 alkaline water holds up in test

You’ve heard about our innovative I-Kups, our mouth-watering coffees, and our refreshing water systems, but did you know about our delicious and energizing alkaline water?

Many companies make claims about their water is exceptionally high on the pH scale – 9.0 or higher. But most of them have been revealed to be average – a 7.8 pH level, not even truly considered alkaline!

Master’s Perfect10 Alkaline Water is the gold standard – literally. Our purified water is tested weekly, and after a recent mix-up, our alkaline water was tested instead. Our lab technicians were surprised to find that Perfect10 indeed resulted in a perfect 10.0 pH! They told us, “We test dozens of alkaline waters and none of them deliver what they promise…until now! For how much will you sell us water?”


Master’s Perfect10 was the only water that delivered as advertised.

Perfect10 scored higher than many well-known brands, including Fiji, VOS, and Arrowhead. We weren’t seeking an endorsement. But we won’t complain when our own water company is interested in buying from us!

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