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Brita Hydration Station

Brita, the top name nationally in filtration now serves the Professional market. We are proud to be a Brita Hydration Station dealer. Extremely stylish, affordable. 1-micron sediment filtration, granular activated carbon filtration, and the unique Brita taste of quality. No bottle related lifting, storage, or spilling issues!

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Brita Hydration Station Reverse Osmosis

Our entry level Reverse Osmosis cooler. Using brand new Brita coolers, employing reverse osmosis, and using the Brita GAC filter as a taste polisher gives us an amazing combination of affordability and quality. What an entry level unit. Medium water volume, high quality. Reverse Osmosis systems filter methodically through a 4-Stage R/O purification system, the SAME process that is used for bottled water! Filters are internal, storage tank (not shown) external, makes water methodically and comes in jet black or can be special ordered in red (shown)

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Horizon Reverse Osmosis Cooler

Highest volume, highest quality, premium unit. Large dispensing area, fold down drip tray for large containers. Digital display, high capacity, Hot/Cold, R/O purification (molecular level). Internal filters, internal storage tank. Visually appealing black finish. IBoil, Accu-Temp, Stay-Cool and I-SIP enhanced sanitization technologies (ozone biological purification). Sanitizes cold reservoir, waterways and spout at 2 am. Energy Star rated. That’s a mouthful, but this is our best unit for a reason.

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Installation, filter changes and removal all part of monthly quote. Billed quarterly. Models may not be exactly as shown.Optional features (cups, extra large storage tank) may incur additional billing.

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Brita Hydration Station(black)



Brita Reverse Osmosis(white)



Horizons Reverse Osmosis Cooler.



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