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We know there’s no better feeling than seeing your brand new brewer arrive from Master’s. But it’s a complex machine and needs to be looked after with care: routine cleaning makes a very big difference!

Do you know the best way to care for your brewer? We listed step-by-step instructions below to help you do just that. Here’s to many, many more cups of coffee.


Cleaning your brewer weekly

Safety first: always start by unplugging the machine. After letting it cool, wipe it from top to bottom with a damp cloth. This prevents staining and buildup, and keeps your machine looking sharp. You can also take the decanter out and do the same around the inside of it.


If you have hard water

If your area has hard water, it’s best to deep clean your brewer once every three or four months. This prevents calcium buildup inside of the machine. EHow’s Laurie Reeves takes us through the process:

  1. Unplug and allow the machine to cool
  2. Set the decanter in place as if you were going to make coffee
  3. Add a quart of white distilled vinegar to the top of the brewer (leave it unplugged and just let the vinegar flow through)
  4. Once it’s stopped flowing, empty the decanter and put it back into place
  5. Plug the coffee maker back in, leave alone for two hours
  6. Unplug again, leave the funnel and decanter in place
  7. Pour one quart of cold water through the machine into the decanter
  8. Empty the decanter and repeat the two previous steps
  9. Detach the spray head by unscrewing it
  10. Grab the machine securely and turn it upside down, emptying all remaining fluid
  11. Reattach the spray head
  12. Pour 6-8 more quarts of water into the brewer, emptying the decanter each time
  13. Taste the water: if it still tastes like vinegar, continue rinsing until the taste is gone


Bonus: cleaning your decanter

  1. Insert two tablespoons of powdered dishwasher detergent into the brew filter, and add to the machine just the amount of water to fill the decanter
  2. Turn on the machine to let the hot water flow into the decanter
  3. Discard brew filter
  4. Let the decanter to sit for about 10-15 mins, allowing the detergent-water to soak
  5. Scrub the decanter with a soft bristle brush to remove coffee stains
  6. Rinse the decanter thoroughly with cold water
  7. Clean the decanter lid with an alkaline-based detergent
  8. Rinse the lid and reinstall

Voila – your brewer should now be running like new! If you have questions about the brewers, maintenance, or any other concerns, call us at 760-244-5073.


Enjoy the coffee! ?

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