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Do you worry that a client may try to cut costs by getting rid of office coffee?

Learn how to counter a client’s plan to eliminate office coffee benefits! Read the article “How To Counter When Companies Challenge Benefits Of Office Coffee” from Vending Market Watch.


For example:

“If reorganizing services doesn’t persuade the company, don’t be afraid to show the costs of offering no coffee, or what employees consider ‘bad coffee’ at work. It’s argued that locations lose $100 a month when employees leave the office for coffee (double that if employees take more than one coffee break). It can add up fast to thousands of dollars each year per employee.”

At Master’s Coffee and Water, we provide many options for our clients if their office coffee or water needs change. By offering alternatives to clients based on their needs, Master’s Coffee and Water maintains trusted vendor-client relationships.

Read the Vending Market Watch article here, and later review the benefits of using Master’s Coffee and Water.