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Master’s Coffee and Water Service Premium Purified Bottled Water
hits our 5 gallon bottle between 1-2 parts per million (ppm) of total dissolved solids (TDS). Pristine. Riverside averages TDS of 377ppm and San Bernardino 357 based on city water quality reports. We’ve tested SB at 700. Our water has no chlorine, other additives or contaminants. This is not tap water (no flouride, chlorine, ammonia, aersenic, other contaminants).  Master’s Coffee and Water Service Premium Purified water has been cleaned, sanitized, purified, capped and sealed in a closed production chamber. We do NOT contract our production out to someone else as many do. Your water is tested internally daily, sent to a lab weekly, and inspected by the state annually to ensure we are delivering on our claims. See our lab report here, as approved by various government entities.

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