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Large Industrial Locations

It’s Monday morning. Time to start the week w power coffee! This is what we like to call our “Wal Mart” set up. Got a place that needs gallons of coffee to serve? need a brewer (or TWO?) that can brew a gallon or even a gallon and a half at a time? This is […]

New Truck, December 2015

So excited. This truck has 8 bays to carry both purified and alkaline and DI water. Also has plenty of room to carry all the new I Kup flavors, all of our Office Coffee, Cocoa, Tea, Cups, stir sticks. What this means to our customers is more things available to you ON THE SPOT. Means […]

New I Kups are here!

Keurig compatible, convenient, and cheaper than your grocery store, box store or bed bath store. Oh, and did we mention delivered? YES. We are so excited to have revamped out lineup: 25 flavors from Authentic Donut Shop, Skinny Girl, and celebrity chefs Guy Fieri, Wolfgang Puck and Cake Boss. Fabulous or what? We have Buddy’s […]

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