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With the cooler temperatures of Fall quickly approaching, we wanted to compile some of our favorite coffee hacks and tricks we like to use during the work day. You’re sure to find some new ideas here…and your colleagues will greatly appreciate them too!

1. Make coffee ice cubes

Here’s a fun and easy trick to cool your coffee quickly, but keep it at full-strength: coffee ice cubes! Brew up a bit of coffee (or use leftover coffee), fill an ice cube tray, and leave it in the freezer overnight. The next morning, voila! You can even toss the cubes in your water for a hint of coffee goodness.

2. Keep your mug warm

Here’s one of the coffee hacks the pros use. Warm up your mug before serving your coffee to keep both warmer longer, and to get the full flavor of the coffee. Filter some hot water through the brewer, into the decanter, and into your mug to prime it for receiving the hot coffee.

3. Store coffee in the cabinet

Many people like to keep their coffee stored in the freezer, but it’s not recommended. This goes alongside the previous tip: using ice cold coffee with piping hot water can throw off the flavors when it meets the water. Store your coffee in an airtight container on the counter and it will stay fresh and flavorful.

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4. Wake up and smell the coffee

Simply having a deep sniff of your brew is shown to perk up your senses and reduce stress, as it evokes familiarity and comfort in the mind. One of the easiest coffee hacks!

5. Up for cold coffee? Try cold-brewing

And it’s really easy! Just mix the correct ratio of coffee to water (usually .75 cups ground coffee to 4 cups water, but depends on personal taste and desired caffeine level) and let it sit on the counter overnight. Pop it open the next morning, add ice, and you’re golden. Here’s a Food52 guide to making cold brew coffee.

6. Try the Aeropress

This one’s for the real connoisseurs. Have you seen the Aeropress? It’s a coffee gadget used to get some of the quickest and best-tasting coffee you can imagine. It’s extremely portable, simple to use, and you can even make it at your desk.

7. Share the love

Offering your co-workers a cup of joe in the morning is a friendly gesture and will put you both in a better mood. Just make sure there’s enough to go around.


Looking for more fun coffee ideas?

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Have you tried any of these methods to help propel your work day? If so, which do you like best?


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