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Clean hard-to-remove stains

With a naturally hard, grainy texture, coffee grounds are perfect for removing tough stains and buildup from your counter, pots and pans, and even an outdoor grill. Just mix with water and rub off the stains (like you would in the sink). It’s like an exfoliation for your kitchen!

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Use as a savory meat tenderizer

Sprinkle some coffee grounds over your meat the next time you grill. As they caramelize, the grounds will form an outer coating that locks in the moisture. This will add a combination of savory and sweet flavors. Due to the tender outer coating, once your meat is cooked, it will be juicy and tender.


As odor-remover for your car

Coffee grounds as odor-remover is a tried-and-trusted way to eliminate pesky odors. Simply leave a bowl full of coffee grounds near the source in your car, and the coffee will do the work to absorb the odor.


Fertilize your garden with coffee grounds

Composting with coffee grounds is a great idea, and for many reasons, as they’re loaded with nutrients. Tossing them in the garden adds nitrogen to the soil and helps water retention. It also attracts earthworms, prevents slugs and cats, which may improve the pH of your soil. In addition, you can even throw in your used biodegradable coffee filters.


Add caffeine to your baking

Add some grounds to brownies or make a TRUE coffee cake! Try sprinkling the grounds in your batter, or even use the entire bean. The coffee not only adds a kick to your dish and has its unmistakeable flavor. It will also bring out other robust flavors like caramel, mint, and butterscotch. You can see an entire list of luscious baking ideas with coffee grounds here.



Coffee grounds are very hard and abrasive. Take caution when using on delicate countertops, pots, and pans that stain easily, because the grounds could harm the surface.