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Pure Rite FAQ

Merger Details

When did this happen? 1/1/20 Pure Rite merged with Master’s Services.

Why? Need to be with family out of state.

How can I be a good customer to work with? For homes, have an email, text and card on file for easy contact and payment. Make sure balance is 0 before next delivery. Leave bottles out day prior, take plenty to avoid running out, a min of 3 bottles a delivery, and make sure we have access (gate codes,
clear instructions).

Businesses? Ideal would be multiple services (coffee, water), easy access to areas, stock plenty of inventory, and being on top of your bill payments.

Personnel and staff

What about the staff? Drivers and bottlers came to Master’s and work for us.

How does your phone system work? While on hold commercials run. We have 3 basic extensions. Dial anytime. Dial 1 to pay your bill or ask about it. Dial 2 for delivery issues or equipment repairs. Dial 3 for new account business (signing up, referring someone, adding service) Extensions have people behind them and if they are not at their phones, messages can be left for them.

Why does it seem like I’m on hold a long time? System is calling different people to get you a live person to help. If it can’t it asks you to leave a message. That can take a few minutes.

Billing and payments

How would you prefer to be paid? For homes, 1) card on file that is charged each time we do a delivery. 2) Pay bill at www.masterscoffeeandwater.com hit pay my bill tab (don’t need to know your account number, just how much you want to pay) 3) mail check to Master’s Services 16666 Smoketree #B2 Hesperia CA 92345.

Is it true you don’t like to be paid cash? Yes. In this COVID19 environment more than ever, cash is dirty. It disappears easily. Requires special handling and interaction. Much harder to track and dangerous to do so.

Can I write a check to Glacier Pure or Pure Rite? Yes, but as time goes on it’s easier to make it to Master’s Refreshment Service. Post office won’t remember forever that we have two names. Mail might get lost, banks might not be as accommodating in a year.

How do I know how much I owe? Delivery slip has that day’s bill and overall account balance (past bills added up). You can also email Teresa@masterscoffeeandwater.com to ask.

Will my pricing be changing? Eventually. It hasn’t in the 4-5 months since these mergers. California mandates higher wages each year, and so we raise have to keep up. Not too bad. Usually 30-50 cents a bottle, depending on where you’re at at the time. Has nothing to do with the merger. Your fastfood hamburgers are doing the same. It’s a California political thing. We don’t make the laws, we do obey them.

Deliveries and Routes

Why has my delivery schedule changed? Homes are 4 weeks, businesses are 2 or 4. If the location uses a lot of coffee of water, we go 2 weeks. If it takes 6-8 weeks to use 3 bottles (our delivery minimum) we will adjust schedules to get there.

Since this Corona Virus thing, I have been skipped a time or two. Why? 90% of the time, it’s either that home customers still owe money from previous invoice(s) or they didn’t leave bottles out. Our drivers are exposed. I’ve asked them not to go into houses or interact. If people don’t leave bottles out, they
have to move on. We have to keep them moving, keep them safe.

Where do you deliver? For bottled water and coffee, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. Also parts of LA County. So. Barstow (Fort Irwin too) down to Temecula. Pomona to Indio. Lancaster /Palmdale
to Lucerne and Yucca Valleys. For filtered units, our Brita and Bio systems? We have customers all over So Cal. Everywhere we go for Coffee and bottled water AND more. From Bakersfield to San Diego. San Fernando Valley, Orange County, San Gabriel Valley, Inland Empire, high and low deserts.

Other Products and Services

I am a Glacier or Pure Rite business customer, can we talk about coffee service? Absolutely, we LOVE coffee service, maybe more than water. steve@slurpcity.com is Steve Simons, our sales manager.

I see you do filtered units? Yes for businesses. If you spend more than $40 a month on water, might save you some money. Helps with social distancing, reducing deliveries and bottle storage. We are a Brita dealer. Again, steve@slurpcity.com.

Do you do Alkaline water? Yes. Perfect10 (PH of 10) is our brand and we sell it in 5 gal, 3 gal and we are working on Alkaline water in 16.9 oz bottles.

Do you do cups? Love to do cups. 7 oz plastic drinking water cups. 8, 12, 16 ounce foam. 12 ounce paper cups. 3.5 ounce pleated and 4 ounce cone water cups. We’ve got your cups.

Can I get a brochure? Color brochures are on the front page of our website, www.masterscoffeeandwater.com available for download.